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Margo shares her beauty and wellness tips

Dandi House member and co-founder of organic pharmacy, Margo Marrone, shares her beauty and wellness tips with us.

How was The Organic Pharmacy beauty brand born?
Few people realise that The Organic Pharmacy started as a wellness brand. The health of the skin is really an extension of the whole body. This became very apparent to me 20 years ago when I saw clients in my clinic at our Kings Road Store and I noticed that putting them on a healthy diet, detox and the right supplementation not only transformed their whole body but also their skin became radiant. Also, I was aware of the toxic ingredients that go into mainstream skin care such as parabens and formaldehyde, which are cancer causing and hormone disrupting, and I was shocked that the industry allowed this. So, I created my own skin care range to cater to the modern woman and man who wanted toxin free, natural, high performance products that felt and smelt like heaven and left the skin healthy and radiant.

What have you developed for Dandi House?
For Dandi wellness, sustainability and natural were three very important points. So, we curated a range of toiletries with beautiful natural ingredients like Rose, as well as Sandalwood & Bergamot, so residents can feel good and well in their home. All the formulations are 100% biodegradable and sustainable, with glass packaging and recyclable pumps.

What’s your daily beauty and wellness regime?
I start my day with Enzyme peel mask to really polish and prep my skin, followed by the Antioxidant Duo as my repair serum and Hyaluronic Acid as my plumping serum, alongside my daily supplements (I take Immune boost day and Magnesium stress Complex every day as well as probiotics) with a cup of matcha. In the evening, I take Immune Boost Night to help me have a good night sleep and I cleanse with Carrot Butter Cleanser. For me this is a ritual where I breath and really cleanse, not only my face, but also my energy and negative thoughts.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
Take nothing personally. This bit of advice is life changing. If we take nothing personally and realise that what people say and do to us – is to do with them and not us – it’s a game changer!

What’s your favourite London destination?
One of my favourite spots is The Wallace Collection, to get lost in the art and the building and enjoy an afternoon tea in the courtyard- heaven !

What’s your favourite weekend escape in the U.K.?
Soho Farmhouse, I love the Cotswolds, the walks, the food, the vibe and all the gorgeous local produce and organic shops.

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