Beauty, comfort, and functionality included. Four configurations in one mean we’ve got you covered day and night: from bedroom, to home office, to dining and living rooms, moving you seamlessly between wakefulness and rest; work and life; peaceful seclusion and vibrant connection.



Privacy: a Right… and a Luxury

Living communally shouldn’t mean parting with privacy. Unlike other coliving spaces, every Dandi home comes equipped with its own adaptive furnishing components to suit your mood with your space, which means you’ll never have to worry about privacy when you need it the most.



Rich ergonomic interiors

Comfort has never looked this good… or sounded so smart. Our bespoke tech-smart homes combine a sense of elegance and whimsy with meticulously handpicked materials, carefully curated furnishings and award-winning lighting design.

A beautiful and sensitive use and integration of light, form, texture and colour.

Winner, Lighting Design Awards


People Powered

Homes that benefit body and mind

Our designs are built on over 3 decades of in-depth research, insight-driven observation and resident interactions, yielding an array of living solutions, from our proprietary hydraulic bed and Dandi Happy Light© to the installation of activated carbon air purifiers.


Made in London

Pioneering in-house production

At the cutting-edge of modular, transforming furniture design, we hold our in-house manufacturing facility, Dandi Dynamic Furnishings, to an uncompromising code of craftsmanship.


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