Copywriting & Communications Manager


Managing Dandi’s press relationships, PR agency, and communications calendar, including public relations engagements and social media activity. You will also be responsible for implementing content standards and training Dandi’s network of community managers while overseeing their social media posts (with original content to be sourced primarily from Dandi events). Additionally, this position requires superb copywriting skills and will be responsible for producing the majority of Dandi’s written communications, ranging from press releases to website copy, advertising copy, resident letters, emails and messages.

Prime Duties

  • Manage and develop Dandi’s relationships with press and reporters, including relationships with the company’s PR agency and reporters. (note: Dandi seeks to build relationships with consumer-facing publications as well as trade publications.   
  • Proactively generate ideas for Dandi content that is relevant to the continually evolving news cycle.
  • Create and manage Dandi’s external communications calendar, including public relations engagements and social media activity.
  • Develop content standards for the brand’s social media posts, varying Dandi’s objectives by social media platform and its respective strengths.
  • Screen and train Dandi’s network of Community Managers on the brand’s content standards.
  • Oversee proposed social media posts from Community Managers (whose content will be sourced primarily from Dandi events and features stories from the Dandi community).
  • Refine Dandi’s brand tone of voice.
  • Write press releases and develop copy for website, app, advertising collateral, digital magazine, resident letters, newsletters, emails, and app notifications.
  • Assist Brand Manager in the curation of Dandi-sponsored events.
  • Attend weekly meetings and Dandi-sponsored events.
  • Develop and refine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and produce and maintain weekly and monthly KPI reports.


  • Degree in journalism and strategic communications
  • Minimum 7 years of copywriting and communications experience.
  • Be charismatic, highly social, customer-facing marketing, communications, media or journalism with proven experience driving multi-platform
  • Have experience managing key relationships at a senior level


  • Available to start now
  • Full time
  • Location London head office and site

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